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            Returns are directly handled by the mobile phone retailer and you can usually return your order for a refund or exchange within 14 days from the date of dispatch.

            Please refer specifically to the retailer’s returns policy as these terms vary from one retailer to the next.

            Visit our retailers page to find out more information about returns. 

            Handset Warranty Return / Repair

            Generally the handset has at least a 12 months warranty with the manufacturer, though it is always best to contact the retailer first to ensure you go directly to the manufacturer with your issue.


            Some retailers also offer exchanges if the item you have purchased is faulty.

            Exchange policies are different for all retailers, so please visit your retailer's website for information on your retailer's specific exchange policy. 

            To help we have supplied a list of manufacturers warranty contact numbers.

            Apple 0844 209 0611
            Samsung 0330 726 7864
            Nokia 0871 261 0949
            Sony 0370 523 7237
            HTC 0845 890 0079
            LG 0344 847 5454 

            Mobilephones.com Returns
            XS SM MD LG