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            Compare Sony 40 inch tv Mobile Phone Deals

            Sony 40 inch tv

            Producing top quality vision for many technologies including smartphones and TV's, own one today!

            FREE 40 inch Sony TV with Mobile Phone Deals

            Get it as a free gift when you order your new contract phone today, we compare prices from all retailers.

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            Sony 40” Review

            A Sony 40” TV has to be one of the best free gifts around that can be opted for as part of a contract mobile phone package. Here you can compare the deals from the UK’s leading retailers, connected to a variety of phone networks.

            Sony 40”

            This Sony KDL40R483B 40” TV delivers a full 1080p high definition experience on a LED screen that offers a wide viewing angle of 89 degrees. The Clear Resolution Enhancer ensures a crisper image with less noise and there is a seven day electronic programme guide included.

            The Freeview tuner gives you access to over 50 digital TV and radio stations while the Dolby Digital Plus sound system with two eight watt RMS power output Bass Reflex Speakers deliver an incredible audio experience.

            This wall mountable Sony TV is energy efficient and has built in Wi-Fi. You can view photos from your devices on the TV and screen mirroring works with your smartphone allowing you to take your phone experience to new levels on the big screen.

            About Sony

            Established in 1945, Sony is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of TVs, laptops, Sony phones and other consumer electronics. Sony products are innovative and of a premium quality and Sony has recently hit the headlines in the press by releasing the world’s first smartphone with a 4K display.

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