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            Compare HP Laptop Mobile Phone Deals

            HP Laptop

            Free HP Laptop with mobile phone deals

            Get the HP Laptop thrown in free as part of the package; just choose the mobile and network tariff to get the cheapest pay monthly price comparison from top retailers in the UK.

            Compare the latest free HP Laptop deals

            Sorry, we don't have any deals with this gift right now. Take a look at more gifts in the Laptops category.

            HP Laptop Review

            Free gifts are good way to add value to a mobile phone or smartphone deal. Here we highlight the phone contracts that are accompanied by a HP laptop, as a free gift, and from a wide choice of UK retailers.

            HP 250 laptop

            From checking your email to reading the news and from making Skype VoIP calls to playing games or social networking, this HP 250 laptop can handle it all. Best of all the laptop form makes it a great second internet ready device to a PC that is highly-transportable and so ideal for taking with you when you work away from home or the office or when you are travelling on a well-deserved holiday.

            The display is large enough for owners to enjoy the internet and stream catch up TV, watch on demand movies or simply stream music, which can be enjoyed on the built-in speakers. It is possible to extend the functionality further by downloading new software. This could include word processors, spreadsheet software and programs to create presentations.

            The HP 250 laptop is supplied as a free gift with a power supply, manufacturer’s warranty and rechargeable battery, which provides hours of use from a single charge.

            About HP

            HP (Hewlett-Packard) is an American multinational company that was founded in 1939. From 2007 to 2013, the company was the world’s leading PC manufacturer, until Lenovo took this position. You can view phone deals with Lenovo laptops as a free gift here.

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