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            Get the latest mobile phones with the Apple operating system, the latest being iOS 10.

            What does iOS stand for or mean?

            It is a common question but what does iOS actually stand for? The 'i' follows the Apple range of products like iPhone, iPad and iPod and the 'OS' part stands for operating system. The operating system abbreviated as OS acts as a platform between programs and the computer hardware.

            Latest iOS and most popular phones

            iPhone 7s Plus iPhone 7s iPhone SE iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6s

            All current iOS phones and tablets available

            Main features of Apple iOS

            The Apple iOS operating system is intuitive and easy to use, offering many features that are such a part of our everyday lives that you will wonder how you ever lived without them. iOS includes lots of apps pre-loaded so you can use your iPhone straight out of the box with the likes of FaceTime and Siri. The Apple App Store has many more options available for productivity, travel, entertainment and games to download as well.

            As iOS is an operating system developed and controlled by Apple and is only used on Apple developed hardware, the apps take full advantage and work seamlessly with the hardware on board of the iPhone or iPad making them work perfectly together.

            iOS works with the iCloud too so you can store your music, apps and more on iCloud and access them from your phone, iPad or iPod Touch. So, if you buy an app or edit your calendar it will appear on your iPhone, Mac, iPad or iPod Touch so you can stay up to date across all of your Apple devices.

            iOS has many built-in safety and security features such as Apple Pay, to ensure you information remains private and as iOS updates are free (hardware compatibility dependent). This means you'll always get the very latest innovations on your iOS device as long as it's supported.

            Apple continues to develop fantastic features and innovative design to use in its iOS devices so if you are looking for an iPad or iPhone you can be assured of a great user experience.

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            What mobile network is best for iOS?

            iOS News and latest information

            Keep up to date with the latest news articles on the iOS operating system.

            BBM comes to Android and iOS

            The popular messaging service provided by BlackBerry which allows its users to send text

            BBM spreads to other operating systems

            New Guidlelines for iOS 7 Kids Apps

            New guidelines will also be introduced for any apps that are aimed at children of 13 or under.

            Apple Reveals New Childrens Guidlelines

            iOS 8 Now Available for UK Download

            The latest update was originally shown off during WWDC this summer

            IOS8 released for download in the UK

            iOS 8.1 Gets Launch Date

            Having released iOS 8 just days ahead of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

            8.1 update for IOS8

            OS Comparison: iOS vs Android vs BB10

            With one in every two adults owning a smartphone in the UK

            WHats the difference betwen IOS Android and BB10

            XS SM MD LG