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            Because mobilephones.com is a comparison site, delivery of the mobile phones are undertaken by the mobile phone retailer that you placed the order with.

            Although this changes according to the retailer, delivery usually take 1-2 days to dispatch following a credit check on contract phones.

            Will I get confirmation after ordering?

            After being directed to the right deal on the retailer's website, you will complete the order with them.

            Retailers will usually send out confirmation after receiving your order indicating when your items will be dispatched.

            Please refer specifically to the retailer’s delivery policy as these terms vary from one retailer to the next.

            You can find this information on our retailers page.

            I haven't received my order

            If you haven't received your order when you expected to, you will have to contact the retailer who you placed your order with. 

            Mobilephones.com Delivery
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