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            We use cookies so it is important that you understand what they are.

            EU Cookie Privacy Law - Directive 2011

            Mobilephones.com adheres to the new EU Cookie Privacy Law as set out in the EU Directive in May 2011. 

            What is a cookie?

            A cookie is a small file of numbers and letters that is downloaded onto your device when you visit most retail websites, including our own.

            This means that every time you visit a website, that website will place a cookie on your device which can help them understand how their visitors use the site.

            How are cookies used?

            The information gathered from cookies is used to help us analyse how people use the site, which then enables us to improve your experience.

            Cookies are not used in a detrimental way, and cookies cannot extract information from your device.

            Cookies used by Mobilephones.com

            Mobilephones.com uses cookies to offer targeted advertising to each individual user, in order to improve the customer's experience when using the website. 

            We also use third party cookies:

            Google Analytics

             Google Analytics allows us to review how many people have visited the website and what pages they visited. All data gathered is anonymous. For more information or to opt out, view the Google Analytics Cookie Policy.


            Cookies from Google+ allow us to place the social network buttons on Mobilephones.com. For more info or to opt out, visit Google's cookie policy.


            These cookies allow Mobilephones.com to record and display user sharing activity across social media networks. View the cookie policy from Addthis for more info about opting out.

            Retargeting Cookies

            Facebook and Twitter

            Mobilephones.com uses cookies to remarket products and services on Facebook and Twitter. This allows us to offer customers special deals to those who have previously shown an interest in the website. These offerings can be displayed in the form of an ad in the Facebook or Twitter newsfeed. 

            The deals offered as a result of remarketed cookies is only accessible to users who are members of Facebook or Twitter, and no personal data is collected at any time.

            For more information visit the Facebook and Twitter remarketing pages.

            How do i change my cookie settings?

            If you don't want to received tailored advertising on Mobilephones.com you can reject the collection of cookies by changing your browser settings. 

            To opt out from third party cookies, please view the third party cookie policies (listed above).  

            Cookies on Mobilephones.com
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