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            Get contract mobile phones even with a bad credit history

            Affordable Phones & Some With No Credit Check

            We've joined forces with a number of mobile providers to offer the very best poor credit smartphone deals, ensuring that even if you might struggle to pass a credit check, you'll still be able to get your ideal mobile phone. These deals run on all kinds of networks and even provide 4G speeds for fast internet browsing.

            To get started, simply select the tariff and handset that best meets your needs, then just pay your monthly cost as normal.

            What Smartphones can I get with bad credit?

            Of course you might have trouble getting your hands on the latest flagship smartphone with bad credit, but this doesn't mean you need to start looking back to the stone ages just to find a phone. In fact, you can often get some of the latest mid-range or budget phones with no credit check, keeping you in touch with the latest software and hardware on the market.

            If you do want to get your hands on the new iPhone or Samsung handset, then it's often easier to avoid a credit check by picking up the phone SIM-free and then purchasing a SIM-only contract to go with it. This is because you've already bought the phone outright, meaning your credit rating isn't in question, on top of this, you'll actually make a saving over the course of your smartphone's life by choosing this option.

            Can you get a mobile phone contract with bad credit?

            Yes. We scour the market for high acceptance options, although it is tougher to pick up a phone with no up-front cost or with a high monthly payment plan. But, if you do get cleared to pick-up a contract phone, it works the same way as any other deal.

            See all bad credit deals >>

            Can I get an iPhone with bad credit?

            Despite being one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, having a poor credit rating doesn't mean you won't be able to buy an iPhone.

            Whilst you might find it hard to get the latest iPhone on contract, it's still possible if you opt to pay a large bulk of the handset's cost up-front. The easiest way to get a new iPhone without a good credit rating is to buy it SIM-free, letting you pop in a more easy to get SIM-only contract once you've got your handset.

            Of course, monthly plans for older iPhones like the 5s or 6 are also easier to obtain with a bad credit rating, so whilst you might not have the latest iPhone in your pocket, you still have the next best thing.

            SIM Only deals for bad credit

            If you’re having a tough time getting a mobile phone handset with bad credit, it could be easier to secure a smartphone deal by opting for a SIM only plan. This is because you aren’t borrowing a handset from anyone, which is typically seen as a risk for many mobile retailers if you have a poor credit score.

            SIM Only tariffs are also much cheaper than handset plans, with contracts normally shorter in length, with many offering rolling one month deals. This means that you should be able to keep up with payments much more easily, and help you rebuild your credit rating.

            Also, it often ends up to be cheaper in the long run to opt for a SIM only deal and pay outright for your next handset. You may end up with a larger expense at the beginning of your deal, but over the course of your smartphone contract, you often end up making a saving – so it makes sense all-round.

            Why have I failed a credit check and got a low score?

            Credit check failures are becoming more and more common, especially when it comes to purchasing a new smartphone. Normally, these failures happen because you could have outstanding debts, regularly miss repayments on other loans or possibly because you aren't on the electorall roll.

            Because flagship phones can cost so much, many networks won't risk a contract with someone with a bad credit score. However, it's worth contacting each network individually to see if you'll pass their checks.

            How can I improve my credit rating?

            There are plenty of ways you can improve your credit rating. It could be as easy as picking up a credit card and keeping up with the repayments (setting up a direct debit for credit cards is always a good idea), or simply signing up to the electoral roll. But if you're still struggling to build your score, you needn't languish without the phone that you want. Networks like GiffGaff often provide a great range of SIM-only deals or more affordable smartphone contracts which can get you through a credit check, making them ideal if you're struggling elsewhere. Also you could check out how and why your credit score is so bad by looking at Equifax and Experian reports.

            By picking up a more affordable deal, this will in turn help you build your credit score as well, so when your next upgrade is available it could help you cruise through a credit check without an issue.

            What's the easiest network to get a contract with?

            Most networks offer very similar credit checks to their customers, but some UK networks to tend to be a bit easier to be accepted by compared to others. However, make sure you pick a deal which suits your credit rating, as it's very unlikely that any network will pass a credit check for someone with a bad rating for the latest iPhone handset with no up-front cost.

            Ideally, we'd recommend targetting lower monthly cost deals or handsets which aren't quite the latest to arrive on the market. To help you out we've added a few tips for you, these aren't 100% guaranteed yet can help in many cases, even though taking advantage of the deals we have singled out tends to prove more successful.

            Why am I being turned down for a contract?

            You can be tuned down for a contract for many reasons, but the biggest ones tend to focus around things related to you credit report. These include signing up to the electoral role or simply ensuring that you don't miss repayments if you've taken out a contract before. Of course, the best way to avoid missing out is by buying a phone up-front and then getting a SIM only deal, as you're far more likely to pass a credit check for that than if you were to try and get the latest iPhone on contract.

            How to pass a credit check...

            1. Choose a lower line rental and cheaper contract phone.

            This offers the least risk to a network when lending you money, making you a much more financially sound option.

            2. Go with the network direct.

            By going through another retailer, you're likely to face their credit check as well as one from the network you choose as well. Why jump through two hoops when you only need to jump through one?

            3. Be prepared to pay an up-front deposit with the main UK networks.

            By opting to pay a higher up-front cost, your monthly payments will be lower, once again lowering the risk of you missing payments in the eyes of your network or retailer.

            4. SIM only may be your option for now.

            If you're struggling to get a deal after trying these aforementioned tips, why not opt for a SIM only deal? This will be much easier to obtain and can go into any smartphone you should choose.

            5. Choose the no credit check contract deals to get you started.

            By avoiding non-guaranteed contract deals, you needn't fear getting disappointed if you do fail a credit check. By opting for a deal with 100% guaranteed approval, you don't set yourself up for a fall, and you can find some great deals as well.

            On top of this, they can sometimes offer a way to upgrade after a set period of time into your contract as well. All you need to do is keep up with your payments during that time period, then you'll be able to pick up a new handset.

            Do bad credit contract phones with free gifts exist?

            Unfortunately, it's very hard to find a smartphone contract that includes a free gift if you happen to have a bad credit score. This is because you are essentially borrowing money from the network not only to cover the cost of the phone and its tariff, but also the free gift you'll be getting as well.

            If you're eager to get a free gift with your phone whilst having bad credit, you're best off finding a deal which has a high up front cost, to minimise the risk that the network will have by lending to you.

            Generally there are not offers specifically for bad credit with free gifts, if you are looking to gain the latest tech like the PS4 or iPad it is more likely that you will pass on a contract phone deal with free gifts as low a line rental as possible, this then means looking at a lower cost handset to go with the gift that you require.

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