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            Mobile Phone Articles

            Mobilephones.com offers a range of mobile phone articles, from 'how-to' guides, app reviews and handset comparisons to lifestyle pieces, top ten lists and in-depth reviews. For the latest in what's happening in the industry visit our news page.

            All articles are created and edited by our team of in-house and freelance writers.

            Charlotte Kertrestel
            Charlotte Kertrestel is Mobilephones.com's Project Manager, and is a recent iPhone inductee. Having ditched the Nexus 5 for the iPhone 6s, she's got knowledge of both Android and Apple.
            Faustine Ladeiro-Levent
            Faustine Ladeiro-Levent is Mobilephones.com's Digital Media Coordinator and is a huge Apple fan. She owns an iPhone 6 and is always looking for the next app to download.
            Laurie Calcutt
            Laurie Calcutt is Mobilephones.com's newest Content Writer. He owns a Samsung handset and is one of the biggest Android fans around!
            XS SM MD LG