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            Get the best of Google products on your mobile.

            The great flexibility of this operating system brings you a fast and smooth experience with the ability to personalise it with downloadable apps and games.

            Most smartphones now are made with the platform installed and has become the most popular choice for top manufacturers. Its biggest competitors are Apple's iOS platform and Windows 10, sported by the majority of Microsoft devices.

            Meet the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge

            The New Galaxy

            The New Galaxy


            Android Apps, apps and more apps...

            apps on your mobile

            The Google Play marketplace is what has drawn many users to the world of Android thanks to the amazing and seemingly endless choice of apps and content. Productivity apps will help you to stay organised, fitness apps will help achieve your goals and of course the entertainment options are vast with music, social networking and gaming apps all available.

            Smartphones to choose from...

            The Android OS is available on a number of devices from many manufacturers, so whether you are a lover of Samsung smartphones or prefer a Sony or LG mobile, you can get a great Android experience whichever manufacturer you choose. If you can't get the apps or upgrade to the latest OS then maybe you need to look at upgrading your mobile phone. This is because the system is available on many devices you can also get the Android fun on a range of smartphones ranging from small compact models to phablets sporting larger screens. So, whatever your preference in regards to mobile size or manufacturer there is an Android smartphone that fits the bill.

            Most Popular Android Smartphones

            Android News and latest information

            Top 10 cheap Android smartphones

            When you’re on a budget but need a phone that’s as good as your friends'.

            Android Nougat Announced

            Android Nougat has been revealed. Take a look at all of the features it will have here.

            Key Lime Pie

            What makes Android handsets different?

            With the Android operating system pretty much having taken over the smartphone world, find out what makes them different.

            What is the difference between Android and other Operating systems

            How to switch from an iPhone to Android

            Make the move from iPhone to Android with our bespoke guide.

            Go from IOS to Android

            What is Android?

            Find out all you need to know about the Android operating system.

            What does Android mean on a mobile phone

            Android Lollipop vs KitKat

            Which Android operating system is better? Lollipop or KitKat?

            whats the differnce between Lollipop and Kitkat OS

            Android Lollipop released

            It’s not just the Google handsets getting in on the action though.

            New Android OS Lollipop released

            Can you get cheap SIM free Android smart phones?

            As with contract, all Android models are available as a SIM free option, so if you want a new phone without a network SIM card then SIM free is your perfect solution. Basically this gives you an unlocked mobile phone to add a SIM card network of your choice as SIM free models all come as unlocked. See more info on sim free here >>

            Because there is a huge range of the popular operating system, that also means that Android prices range from low end cheap mobile phones to the high end top smartphones, so there is always something for your needs and budget. Are we ready for an early Samsung Galaxy S7 release, the next galaxy is just around the corner.

            Which brands are on offer?

            Many of the top manufacturers now have a range of mobile phones with Android operating system - even Microsoft has a couple of devices featuring the software, despite favouring the Windows Phone OS. It just shows how popular they are with over 900 million active users on its books.

            Samsung Galaxy

            Flagship Model - S7 and S7 Edge+.

            See all Samsung Galaxy smartphones >>

            Sony Xperia

            Flagship Models - X, XA and X Performance.

            See all Sony Xperia smartphones >>

            HTC One

            Flagship Model - 10.

            See all HTC One smartphones >>

            Acer Liquid

            Flagship Model - Z4.

            See all Acer Liquid smartphones >>

            Huawei Ascend

            Flagship Model - P9.

            See all Huawei Ascend smartphones >>


            Flagship Model - G5.


            What is Android?

            The Android operating system is the brainchild of Internet giant Google and from its initial release to today it has become one of the most well-known operating systems for smartphones and tablets. The main reason for the popularity of the Android operating system is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use, it can be customised in a multitude of ways and it works with a huge choice of apps.

            where is Android platform used

            The Android OS is constantly evolving with new features and added functionality such as Google Now which delivers all the information you need right when you need it. Weather updates, traffic news or train times are all delivered to your phone just when you need to know.

            The fact that the Android OS is an open source platform means that there is a world of apps available to choose from on Google Play. Whether you love gaming, music, news or social networking there is an app for whatever you need on Google Play and there is a huge choice of free apps to keep you entertained too.

            The homescreen on an Android device can be customised to suit your needs whatever they may be, put all your messaging apps right on the first screen and then games on the next screen or the other way round for quick access to what matters to you most. Productivity apps will allow you to complete work tasks on your phone or tablet so you can make your office mobile and you can download fitness apps to keep you in shape and on top of your fitness goals.

            What mobile network

            Sweet treats with apps and much more...

            Each Android version is named after something sweet, like Android Nougat, and the OS is constantly being updated to ensure it keeps up with the many demands of a modern tablet and smartphone user so you can be assured of a fantastic user experience from your Android smartphone.

            Latest Android mobile Operating System - Lollipop: Released for the announcement of the Nexus 6 in 2014, but now available for many other compatible models to download the latest software and upgrade to Lollipop.


            Even wearables are open to using the Android operating system. Typically watches that communicate with your smartphone and even allow to answer calls and communicate via text, wearables are now a common sight - with Android often used to power them.

            Many top manufacturers of mobile devices are now using the Android platform to build wearable devices, with Samsung, HTC and many more utilising the software for wearable tech.

            What ever will be next?

            The next Galaxy, as Samsung likes to put it, will see the release of the S8, another big announcement and run up to the smartphone flagship will be expected. Other models like the Galaxy Note, HTC 11 and Sony Xperia X2 are also being mooted, so you can expect them to come along soon too.

            How many mobiles use the Android OS?

            Today the Android Operating System powers over a billion devices worldwide making it the world's most popular OS, so if you are looking to update your existing Android or want to give a try for the first time there is plenty of choice when it comes to the perfect Android smartphone for you. Check out the official youtube video celebrating 900million activations below...

            Can I get one with bad credit?

            There are plenty of phones available for people with a low credit score, including Android phones. The cheaper the handset price the better, as it is less risk to the network or retailer you are purchasing from. The Android smartphones with a lesser price tag can still have the latest OS. See how to get a contract phone with bad credit here, where you will see the full list of networks and brands available for you.

            Android Phones coming soon

            So you want the latest and greatest, below of some of the expected Android smartphones to hit the market in 2016... Or view all upcoming smartphones here...

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